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Aruba Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance

Deploy enterprise WLANs on existing virtualization infrastructure.

The Mobility Controller Virtual Appliance (VMC), managed by Aruba’s Mobility Master or deployed standalone, runs ArubaOS to deliver industry leading network services that maximize Wi-Fi performance, ensure seamless roaming and extends secure VPN access for Remote APs, Instant APs and VIA VPN clients.

The VMC also serves as the key policy enforcement agent within the Dynamic Segmentation. Enforcement is accomplished through an industry-first user firewall (PEF), built-in Layer 7 application visibility and control, and web content filtering (WebCC).

As part of a controller cluster managed by Mobility Master, the VMC takes advantage of the full ArubaOS feature set, including AI-powered AirMatch, live firmware upgrades and secure multi-tenant SSID segmentation (MultiZone).

With support for up to 1,000 APs, the VMC is deployed over existing virtualization environments, including VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and open-source KVM for maximum flexibility.